Hello and thanks for stopping by.  We are Kevin and Cassie Zonnefeld, a farm boy from rural Iowa and a city girl from Minneapolis now doing life in Managua, Nicaragua.  We have been together for eight years and were married on a rainy day in 2007.  Life has been an adventure ever since!  We have both gone through grad school, worked in some interesting jobs and have enjoyed living life with friends and family.  In 2011, we made the move to Nicaragua and are enjoying the ups and downs of what it means to live here.  Mostly though, we are grateful for the experiences we are having!

We both love coffee (Kevin likes his black and Cassie likes a little milk), cooking (Kevin being the better baker, but Cassie a better cook), reading (Kevin prefers fiction and Cassie prefers non-fiction) and exercising (Kevin prefers biking and Cassie prefers running).  We both enjoy traveling and have made this a priority in our life together.  Kevin also enjoys keeping up on world events, music, writing, watching and playing sports, being outdoors and spending time with others.  Cassie enjoys photography, current events (MPR!), creating her pinterest pins, being outside, spending time with those around her and staying close with those who are far.

Feel free to contact us at:

Cassie - cassie.zonnefeld@hotmail.com
Kevin - kevinjzonnefeld@gmail.com

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