We are a family founded on God’s great capacity to love not only our family,
but also all the people of the earth.
We are a family that believes that everyone has been created with many gifts and talents,
that we are called to use and share with others.
We are always ready to give to those in need, realizing that underneath every person lies a story
that we do not know and often cannot understand.
We are a family that desires to be full of happiness,
never forgetting to laugh out loud each day and share in the joys of those around us.
We are also a family that desires to walk with others in their pain and grief,
people who listen and empathize on the difficult roads of life.
We are committed to seeing the good in others and in one other,
seeking to build each other up instead of tearing one another down.
We are a family committed to honesty, to sharing all in life that we experience,
even when it is hard to share.
We are a family that seeks adventure,
realizing that often times our momentous experiences are never planned,
but are always a gift.
We are a family continuously committed to love,
to give second chances and always willing to work towards peace and justice.

We want to give credit to Long Miles Coffee Project for the idea of creating a family mantra.

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