February 27, 2012


There are many tortillas around the world, but the debate still continues as to where the best can be found.  I have to say that the Nicaraguan tortilla has a unique flavor that I haven´t experienced in other places, some say the secret is the orange juice that many Nicaraguans mix into their batter.  The tortilla here is an ancient tradition and part of the everyday life of a Nicaraguan. Always eaten and often used as a utensil, the tortilla is not only scrumptious, but is also a necessary tool!

Usually we buy our tortillas from our neighbor lady.  She charges 1 cordoba or approximately 4 cents per tortilla.  She makes them around the clock and always gives us a great smile when we arrive at her front door.  Her tortillas are the best when they are hot off the fire.

DSCN5179  DSCN5177 

While I was out in the campo, I had my chance to make my first tortilla from scratch.  My first one turned out like this:

DSCN5148  DSCN5147 

I had a great teacher, but lets just say that it took awhile for me to learn the art of the tortilla.  We had a great time practicing together and my host mom sent my tortillas home with me in a cloth.  She wanted me to show them to Kevin.  I am not sure if this was her nice way of saying that they weren’t worth eating?

DSCN5126  DSCN5142 

Whatever the case, it was a great experience and made me feel more Nicaraguan.  But I think I should stick to buying from our neighbor lady...

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Anonymous said...

definitivamente, las tortillas en Nicaragua son tan importantes en nuestra dieta diaria, y esta fue una gran experiencia para ti y parte fundamental de tu aprendizaje aqui...!!!