April 10, 2013

It’s Getting Hot in Here

The next line of the song isn’t really an option while we are out and about in the streets of Managua, luckily it is an option in our home.  We don’t want to sound like we are complaining as we can’t say we miss the blustering Midwest winters that are still happening in April.  But it is HOT and we are glad to say that we have almost successfully completed our second dry season. 


(Mural picture taken at the new and improved Luiz Alfonzo Park)

Here are a few tips for our survival so far:

I love wearing skirts and dresses.  They are a life saver on really hot days!

Whenever we enter a new street or bus, the first thing that we look for is the shaded side.  Unfortunately, everyone else does too and you will often see one side of the bus totally filled up when another side is empty.  People will even stand on the shaded side rather than sit in the empty, sunny seats.

Another bus and/or taxi tip is to always sit forward.  Do not lean back or you will exit the bus drenched in sweat.  Cushiony seats are the worst.

Umbrellas come in handy, not for the rain but for the shade that they create.

Always carry your Klean Kanteen, as water is a must!  I have been getting into the habit of carrying around a gallon jug of water around the house.

Two fans have become necessary for falling asleep and more importantly staying asleep.  They also move with us from room to room.

For a redhead like me, it is important to wear sunscreen every day.  I never leave the house without putting it on my face.

A common accessory for women is a small towel.  This is used for fanning and drying sweat.

We try to get to the pool twice a week during the dry season for exercise and to cool off, even if it is at 6am.  We have access to a lovely pool close to the seminary and now more than ever, we take advantage of the dollar entrance fee to swim.

Ice cubes are a life saver.  We have three trays that we are constantly going through and always have a plastic tub fully filled.

We realize that we need to better take advantage of the ocean that is only thirty miles from our home.

Our friends got so desperate last weekend that they screamed into a fan, jumped into their pila (laundry washing station) and went to the mall to watch a movie just to have some time in the air conditioning.  I will have to remember these tips just in case my current techniques reduce in their effectiveness.

On the bright side, with the heat comes the delicious fruit!  Yeah for mangoes, avocados, pineapples, watermelons, star fruits, cantaloupes, papayas – everything is delicious and fresh right now.


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I want your weather. The snow is awful here. -Megan

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