November 18, 2013


We recently took a trip to El Salvador to celebrate Cassie’s 30th birthday.  While there, we fell in love with the art scene.  As you can see, the bright colors cover empty walls, door frames and light polls.  We hope that you enjoy the following murals and paintings as much as we did.

photo 1m  photo 2mphoto 5mphoto 7mphoto 13mphoto 17mphoto 18mphoto 8mphoto 12mphoto 11mphoto 10mphoto 6mphoto 9mphoto 3mphoto 4m


Suzy Lane said...

What incredible art! Wow! Thanks for sharing it:)

r.c.f. said...

You guys rock. These are great pictures, too. We hope you are well!