April 7, 2014


Have you ever wondered what a beet, carrot, ginger, orange juice would taste like or perhaps you would prefer a glass of 100% pure orange juice? As the citrus harvest is now in full swing here in Nicaragua, Cassie and I have once again become obsessed with juicing.

photo 2

Every few days we travel to our local market with our fruit bag to fill up on the tasteful delights. We have been experimenting with fruits that are familiar to us and others that are not. It is somewhat exciting to think about the new flavors one will experience with a fruit that one has never tasted. Up to this point all of our efforts have been met with happy results.

photo 1

As we walk back from the market we usually have to reflect about that the fact that not only is our fruit fresh (usually harvested the same day that we purchase it) but also how affordable it is. Here is an example of the costs at the market:

60 oranges - $2

24 carrots - $2

24 grapefruit - $.50

12 beets - $2

1 LB of ginger - $1

With all this fruit I made almost 2 gallons of wonder fruit juice that Cassie and consumed for our breakfast the entire week. There is no better way to start the day!

photo 3

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