July 14, 2014

Loving L.A.

On the later half of my work-trip to the States, I was able to take a few days of vacation and enjoy time with two of my favorite ladies, Jess and Mandy and their guys, who are pretty great too!

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Jessica and I are cousins, born a month apart and for the majority of our childhood lived two houses away from one another.  Mandy and I met in homeroom in 8th grade at Hopkins West Junior High, she has been a faithful friend ever since.

IMG_0870 IMG_0915

The girls did such a great job at making our time special.  We enjoyed a (surprise) Sarah McLachlan concert at the gorgeous Greek Theater, spent a day wine tasting and kayaking in La Jolla, we spent a day in LA - visiting Homeboy Industries where we met Father Boyle, and also looked around the the fabric and fashion districts. We also enjoyed nights of DIY crafting as well as a fabulous Independence Day Celebration.  They also patiently assisted me in checking items off my shopping list.


One highlight of our time together was the palate of food that we ate.  While Managua has some wonderful food, I really miss not having a variety of ethnic foods available to us.  While we were together, we ate Mexican, Thai, Cuban, Korean, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Indian and Nepali.  They also made me try an In-N-Out burger, which was pretty good.  And of course, I drank a boba tea whenever it was available.


Thank-you girls (and guys) for your amazing hospitality and care towards me.  But more importantly, thank-you for your incredible friendship and support.   I am grateful that I get to do life with you!

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