November 3, 2014

Life Lately

Here we are again with a simple “life lately” post.  We are currently back in the U.S. on a two-month home leave.  This is basically a time to rest, reconnect with family and friends and share about our work.  We hope you enjoy seeing some glimpses of our Nica life over the past couple of months.
This sweet girl, Casey Dyanna is the newest to arrive in our neighborhood.  She lives right next door and is perfect to cuddle with after a long day at work.
Here are a few more kiddos from our neighborhood.  We host movie nights on our patio (year-round because of the amazing weather) once a month.  The kids love the buttery popcorn that Kevin makes!
I think I have shared this before, but our experience has been that Nicaraguans love to celebrate each and every occasion.  We seem to be invited to a birthday party almost every weekend.  We love their parties, full of music and dancing, great food and conversation.
And when you need a break from the party, you take a walk with the kiddos to see the gorgeous views of Managua.
Here we are at our friend Gretel’s surprise birthday party.  It was a wonderful (and late) evening!
We continue teaching at the Baptist Seminary and enjoy our work there.  The best part?!  Friendships with our students.  Here we have Lester and Guillermo, who came to visit us at our house one morning.
Here is a view of our Saturday classroom.  They are busy and full days, but so very worth it.
This is the latest photo of our MCC team in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  These current workers and those of the past have been very important to us during our time of service.
Our friends Isaac and Karen recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.  To celebrate we headed to the beach, they preferred the shade and we enjoyed the sun!
My dream for my time in Nicaragua finally came true!  I was a taxi driver for a morning.
Kevin and I participated in a weeklong workshop for Seminary professors on the theme of colonization and it’s effect on Christianity.  It was a week full of learning and conversation.
I headed up to Santa Luz, a community north of Matagalpa to facilitate a Culture of Peace workshop with AMC staff.  We had a great couple of days together learning how we can be agents of peace in our communities.
As we were on our way to visit two of our students (daughter and dad) at their home, we came across the best juice bar!  I am craving this plastic bag of juice all the way from Minnesota.
We have taught Juan in all three of our classes at the seminary.  He and his family have been very kind to us over the past few years.  We are pictured here with Juan and his wife as we visited a lake near their home.
Here is one other food item that we are missing while back in Minnesota, the quesillo.  It is seriously the best thing ever!
One last photo of our all time favorite food!

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