April 16, 2015

Weekend with the Sundermans

We were greatly blessed to have some dear friends come and visit us for a weekend in March. The time was spent sharing our life here and catching up with one another. We soaked up some rays, ate some typical food, walked to buy tortillas and meet the neighbors, checked out some tourist sights, bought some souvenirs and created some wonderful memories in our short hours together that are sure to stay with us for the lifetime.


We took them to our favorite Fritanga called Doña Lesbia’s for a delicious meal of chicken, plantains and gallo pinto.


We knew that it would be important to see a volcano in their short visit to the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.”  Here Jodi and Cassie are pictured at the top of Volcan Masaya.


We spent a couple of hours at the market in Masaya, checking out the items available for purchase and also enjoying fresh juices.


As we drank our fresh juices, we enjoyed the music played by this lovely family.  They played several pieces on their marimba, guitar and maracas.


TJ fulfilled his life goal of riding in a moto-taxi.  It only lasted for a minute, but was the highlight of his trip.


As we headed down to the beach, we followed behind this truck carrying sugarcane.


We spent our final night together in the colonial town of Granada.  Notice the patios which are in the center of most homes.


Granada Skyline at Sunset


Central Park of Granada


Market stalls in Granada


The four (five!!) of us.

We are very thankful for the many of you who have ventured down and shared a little piece of our life here in Nicaragua. We look forward to continuing the journey and the conversation as we grow, challenge and laugh with one-another during this adventure we find ourselves on.

Photo Credits to: Jodi Sunderman

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