May 17, 2016

At the Pool

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Living in Managua means learning how to survive the heat.  We talk about this often as it is a daily struggle to figure out how to manage the very hot and humid climate.  We often find ourselves staying at the grocery store just a bit longer to enjoy some air-conditioning or teaching Estela how to nap at a coffee shop so that we can get some work done, while enjoying the air as she sleeps.  We have also purchased tickets for a movie that we are not really that interested in seeing, but when it is only $2 and it gives you access to two hours of air, it is worth every penny.

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Another thing that helps is water!  We drink cold water all day long, we spray ourselves off with the hose, we play in our teeny inflatable pool at home and we enjoy our cold showers.  This past year, we decided to buy a yearlong membership to a local hotel pool and we have not regretted this decision.  Estela and I (Cassie) can walk to the pool in five minutes, the only difficulty being crossing the four lanes of traffic (it literally feels like a game of frogger sometimes).  We usually make it to the pool once a week, but I am trying to get us there more often as I know I will not always have such great access to a pool year-round, surrounded by palm trees, hummingbirds and the best fresh squeezed lemonade.

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And if we are allowed to brag a little, Estela has already learned how to swim!  We are pretty certain that she had never swam in a pool before coming to our family.  It took a few weeks to get her comfortable putting her face in the water and seven months later, she can swim back and forth.  She now is calling herself a little fish whenever we are in the pool. 

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We are so proud of our little fishy!

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