November 15, 2016

Cousins // Primas

For almost a year you talked over the phone together, you stared at one another on Skype as you all sat at the table (normally eating) and listened to adult conversation, usually greeting one another with a kiss or a wave of the hand.  You all just wanted to play, to run, skip and hop.  Now you are finally all together enjoying life in the great outdoors and exploring our wonderful world together.  May you all enjoy a lifetime of happy memories and friendship together!


Estela spent her first night in Minnesota reading books with Ceanna and Abuelo.


Annika and Estela picking strawberries together!


Ceanna, Estela and Ivy looking spiffy in their matching dresses and bows.


Estela with the Van Stryland cousins on a horse and buggy ride.


E for Estela and I for Ivy!


Estela will have one more Van Stryland cousin this spring!


The girls hanging out at the cabin.


These two love being together!


Ivy and Estela exploring the great north woods together.


We look forward to making many memories together!


Halloween 2016 – Bumblebees and a Horse


Hanging out at Palisade Head.


Friends and Cousins Forever!

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