January 18, 2012

Back from Guatemala

Cassie and I are back home, no we are not in Minnesota. However, after another 22 hours on the bus, traveling a similar distance of that between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Chicago (which only takes 7 hours on the Mega Bus) we are back in Managua. We enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with members of our team from Nicaragua and the larger MezzoAmerica MCC team. Together we spent time getting to know one another, hearing about each others work and also attending workshops which dealt with the current rise of violence in our area of the world and the recognized needs of our partners within this context.

DSCN4709  DSCN4744                                                  Pictured above is a glimpse of the beautiful scenery and nature that we experienced in Guatemala.

DSCN4774  DSCN4766                                                          

We enjoyed visiting some of the local vendors as well as various cooperatives that are working together to sell products at a fair price.

DSCN4757  DSCN4778DSCN4782  DSCN4749

We took a few boat rides on Lake Atitlan.  We were fortunate to have a motor on most of them, however a lot of the locals work very hard to paddle across this beautiful lake.  Also pictured above is part of the MCC Nicaragua team relaxing in between our sessions.

  DSCN4819  DSCN4810  DSCN4805

Lastly, Cassie and I visited Antigua for an extra day at the end of the trip.  While there we enjoyed the historical buildings and ethnic food.  Here Cassie is eating Indian for the first time in three months!  It was delicious, or in Nica lingo “muy rico!”


amanda said...

Looks amazing!! and you look very tan Cassie!

Ed Lebert said...

Ya pueden hablar espanol?

Eric Holst said...

Was just reading an article on the violence and Honduras and couldn't help but think of the reality that you guys live in. I know that you are not in immediate danger, but it still is a reality that exist for you in your world that is not in mine. We continue to pray for you guys and what God is doing in and through your work.