September 19, 2012

Some of the Things…

Klean Kanteens - The first item on the list without a doubt. We use these all day, every day! With the intense heat it is important to keep hydrated, rejuvenating our bodies with this handy bottle beside us wherever we go.

Spanish Learning Aids – Our dictionaries, our flash cards, our Rosetta Stone, our 501 Spanish Verb book, all of these have been our best friends over the past nine months. We use them daily!


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups – I can’t find them here, anywhere! We have tried to make them at home, but there is nothing like this delicious treat in it’s beautifully wrapped orange package.

Crocs – Cassie knows that these are out of style, but she says that they are perfect for walking in the mud, rain and heat. I think that they are extremely flattering on her and am constantly reminding here that function also trumps fashion.


Cast iron skillet – We didn’t bring this down with us and immediately realized how much we missed Grandma Wyllean’s Almond Tart. We were so excited when one arrived with my Dad on his visit down. Since then I have made six tarts for various activities and they have become a Nicaraguan delicacy.

Chacos- Always in style no matter the era or occasion I am thrilled to be able to wear my chacos year around, enjoying these functional, sophisticated and fashion forward sandals.


Sunflower Seeds - I have enjoyed listening to some baseball and throwing in some dill pickle sunflower seeds. I offered them to some friends here who immediately determined that they should only be fed to birds, I digress. Thanks friends for sending these in packages!

Sour Patch Kids – One of Cassie’s favorite treats.


Headlamp and Swiss army knife - When the electricity goes off or when you find yourself in a tough situation without the conventional norms, these two items have already gotten us a long ways. Thankfully, duct tape is readily available.

Our Kindle – Although we have had some issues since arriving (one being dropped, one being stolen, one being washed over by waves) we do love having a library at our finger tips! Thank-you Ramsey and Hennepin County libraries, we rarely pay for a book.


Sunglasses – A must for the bright shiny sun, also the title of one of my favorite books. We each brought down a pair of sunglasses and haven’t had to replace them yet. Although when we do need to, it shouldn’t be too tough as they are sold on every corner.

Photos of Family and Friends who we miss dearly – Nothing more needs to be said, you cover our house!

DSC_0024_thumb1 DSC_0027_thumb1

Cassie - The love of my life who I could not dream about being without. Whenever things get hard, or even when they are not, it is great to be sharing this adventure, through the twists and turns with her.

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r.c.f. said...

Great post, Kevin! Thanks for sharing. We just ordered some Klean Kanteens as some might think our current water bottles should only be used by birds...

I'm glad (and not surprised) that your cooking is becoming famous there.