September 5, 2012

Our Nicaraguan Finds - Part 3

Before going into our actual blog post, I wanted to let you all know that we are okay after the earthquake.  Several of you have sent e-mails to check in, thanks for that!  The earthquake hit Costa Rica, but we did feel the tremors here.  It was a first for both of us.  We are glad that the damage is minimal and that people are safe!

In continuing my short series titled “Home Sweet Home”, I am going to share some of my favorite finds here in Nicaragua.  I have really enjoyed incorporating Nicaragua into our home.  I feel like it is easy to go overboard and yes, there are some horrendous things that you can come across, but I have found some great items at local markets and love how they have helped to piece together our home.

It is also rewarding to have our Nicaraguan friends come and visit.  They often remark of the various things that they see and share a sense of pride that we have chosen to use them in our home.

And if that isn’t rewarding enough, it is important to Kevin and I to support our local economy.  It is too easy to go to the mall and buy cheap things that are made in China.  We want to support the artists who work so hard here for so little, while making beautiful products.

I first saw these hanging baskets at a hostel and told Kevin that I needed to find them for our home.  After a few markets, we were successful and got them for $4 a pop.  I love the extra little element and flair that they add to the room.

DSC_0057 DSC_0058

Continuing on the basket theme.  I found and purchased a few of these baskets at the local market.  They are great for organizing and only cost between $1 to $2, depending on the size.  Pictured are my “kid basket” and “game basket.”  The neighbor kids have come to love these!

photo 51

Nicaragua is filled with incredible artists.  Kevin and I knew that we wanted a painting for our living room and looked for several months until we came along this one.  Right away, we both knew that this was “it.”  We were in the tourist market, but we still got a fair price.


We were at a fancy retreat center for a meeting (unfortunately not to stay overnight) and they had these rug weavings as wall décor.  I love the simplicity and color that this brings into our living room.

photo 42

A couple months back we were at a market with our friends and came across these hand woven rugs.  We were just moving and needed some rugs for our front and back doors.  These have held up great and I love the effortless, simple look.

photo 44  photo 52

I found this basket/box in Esteli and originally intended to use it as a side table in our bedroom.  The colors didn’t quite match, so it is being used as a table in our living room.  And the best part, it stores all of my crafting materials!

photo 18

This stoolish/table piece was stashed deep in a stall at a market.  I am not sure if it was originally for sale, but I loved it and offered them a few bucks for it.  They were happy to accept our offer and it is now our living room coffee table.

photo 25

These chairs were our “special purchase.”  They definitely weren’t a need, but they have been lovely to have.  They are made well and even have adjustable settings.  I have to figure out a way to bring them back to the States when our term is up!

photo 19 photo 53

And lastly, you can’t go wrong with a hammock.  They are “hecho in Nicaragua.”  We love setting them up for reading, relaxing and our new tradition - Sunday night movies under the stars.


As always, thank-you for reading.

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Deb said...

very beautiful!!! Cassie,I will take decorating tips from you any day. I like the comfy chairs a lot! Those ARE a necessity. :) Peace, Love and Grace, Deb