June 15, 2013

Visit to La Concha

Some of our closest friends in Nicaragua live in a little town called La Concha, about an hour outside of Managua.  As often as possible we enjoy heading up their for a visit to spend time with them.  Here are a few pictures from our time together.

DSCN6591 DSCN6593

Jemima and I love to hang out together.  Everyone tells me that she is my daughter because of her blondish colored hair.  This is very rare here, unless it is dyed.

DSCN6592 DSCN6596

Alison is a bright girl, always ready to play a game or get help with her homework.  Here I am with Jemima, this picture pains me, but I promise that we are pretty good friends!  And note: I am wearing a sweatshirt here.  This is another reason why we love leaving the hot city of Managua for a visit to La Concha.

DSCN6598 DSCN6599

On Sunday afternoon, we headed out on a little hike.  In this white house lives two extended family members, one is ninety and the other is thirty-two.  They work hard, live very simply and raise animals to sell in town.  They invited us inside and we had a lovely visit with them.

DSCN6600 DSCN6601

As we continued on our hike, we came up to a group of boys that were playing baseball.  They stopped their game for a moment so that we could pass by and also gifted us with some mandarins off their tree. 

And then we got out onto our path.  It was beautiful!  We could see the nearby volcano and lake, and all of the trees were filled with fruit almost ready to be harvested.

DSCN6603 DSCN6607

We continued our walk, gazing around us and stopping for a couple of pictures.

DSCN6608 DSCN6609

When we finally returned back home, we shared the fresh mandarins and played some games.  We are grateful for this family and their friendship to us.

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