November 8, 2011

One Week in Photos

Today marks our one week anniversary in Nicaragua.  Kevin and I were chatting this morning and both thought that it seems like we have been here much longer than that.  I am not sure if that is good or bad?  Here are a few pictures from our last few days.  We hope that you enjoy! 


We had our first “street food” this past weekend.  Sorry Mom, you told us not to eat street food or drink the water, but it seems unavoidable.  The tap water here is pretty good, no sicknesses yet!


There are beautiful flowers all throughout Nicaragua.  It is important to find “beauty” in the small things.


We officially began “Spanish School” today.  However, our language learning started beforehand.  Here I am practicing  my Spanish with our friend’s niece,  while she practiced her English.  It seemed to work well for both of us.


A beautiful coconut tree!  We love the fresh fruit…


Taking a siesta on Sunday afternoon.  Hammocks work great for this!


Playing sports with the kids seems like a good way to build relationships.  I even had a few hits that the boys “wowed” over.


More fresh fruit.  This is an orange that you don’t actually eat, but instead drink the juice out of.  It’s delicious!


Over the weekend Kevin made pizza with our friend’s mom.  She had been saving yeast in the fridge for some time in hopes of learning how to make pizza.  At age seventy, she officially made her first!  We had a cheese pizza and a beet pizza.  The cheese was a bit too salty, but the beet pizza was a hit.  You should try it at home!


Coffee plant.  We will be helping with the harvest in a month!


A field of both corn and beans.  For you farmers out there, they mix the crops together in the same field to make the most of the space.  More on Nicaraguan agricultural practices in a later blog.  We will also give you an update on the election process in the near future!

Much love from Nicaragua!


Kunnari said...

beetza! i love beetza. it is great that you are learning so much, but also sharing your gifts too (showing the old woman how to make pizza, that is priceless).

Cassie and Kevin Zonnefeld said...

love you matt!!!

lisa said...

I love the pictures- thanks for sharing! All the fruit looks so yummy... there's mainly apples in the grocery stores here right now (not too much to choose from!). Enjoy week two!

Anonymous said...

wow ! Beet pizza! I'd love it (i'd better have to b/c i'd be stuck w/ the whole thing to myself:)) VERY cool. love Kev's smile on that pic and snoring sleep face on the hamock!!

Adam and Marisa said...

It was fun to read your first week reflections! I think having so many new experiences in only one week makes it seem like a longer amount of time. I remember Marisa and I felt the same way after our first week as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great updates you guys....elections sounds ...hmmmm, scary