September 30, 2013


Back in June, we celebrated the wedding of our friend’s Karen and Isaac.  They asked us to be their Padrinos de Honor and we were honored to share in their special day with them.  Karen and Isaac have been good friends since we arrived in Nicaragua, they have been our “Nicaraguan family.”  We enjoy spending time with them, love joking around and wish that they lived closer.

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In August we took a trip home to celebrate in two very special weddings.  We were so blessed to celebrate alongside some wonderful people who we have walked life with for many years.  Mandy and I met in Junior High and as I shared in my maid of honor speech, we have been friends for twenty years, have lived in six states and three countries and she is still the one that I talk to each and every day.  Regardless of the physical distance that separates us, I know that neither of us has ever taken our friendship for granted.  I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

Another special element was that Kevin was able to marry Mandy and John.  It was a glorious and perfect day except for the fact that Kevin was passing a kidney stone and in a lot of pain.  And if you have not heard, their wedding won the 2013 DIY Wedding of the Year.  The thought, creativity and planning that went into this wedding was unbelievable!

Barn - Inside Mandy and John - First Lookie Dance DSCN8127  photo (25)

We also celebrated the marriage of our special friends and family, Missy and Teddy.  Missy has been a part of our family for the last twelve years.  My brother first formed a friendship with her son Fortay and they have been a part of our family ever since.  Missy has been an “older sister” to me, willing to share advice and walk through life with me.  I so appreciate her honesty and openness in our relationship.  We have also enjoyed building a friendship with Teddy, love his humor and laid back personality.  Their wedding ceremony was very meaningful and the reception was absolutely elegant.  Kevin and I were both honored to stand alongside Missy and Teddy on their special day. 

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Upon arriving back in Nicaragua, we were invited to our first quinceañera for our neighbor friend, Besemar.  We were glad to receive an invitation and know that she and her family still considered us friends after our kitty Brisa ate their chickens.  The celebration rivaled any traditional wedding in the United States.  It began with a ceremony in their church, followed by a grand march with Besemar, her ten ladies of honor, flower girls and ring bearers.  The food was delicious and the cake was fancier than most wedding cakes I have seen.  It was an incredible experience to be a part of and another way to learn more and participate in Nicaraguan culture.  We were so honored to celebrate with Besemar, her family, our neighbors and about two hundred other guests on this special day.

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Dad said...

Didn't know you had a kidney stone. De Jong malady--Grandpa Bert, Uncle Denny, Brenda Dorhout, for instance. Glad you got over it.

Cassie and Kevin Zonnefeld said...

Yes, the kidney stones were not a highlight of my life thus far. -Kevin

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures of you two.