May 22, 2014

Sister Visit

Before Cassie and I left for Nicaragua my sister suggested that we take family photos. During our photo shoot my sister shared with us that she wanted to take these pictures for two reasons; she feared that we would never again have the opportunity to take another family photo, and because she wanted something to remember us by because she would not be visiting us in Nicaragua.

Thankfully both of my sister’s fears have been mitigated as family pictures were once again taken and Carrie and Carl came for a visit this past April. We very much enjoyed and appreciated their visit and are already thinking about when we will get to see them again. I have included some of the highlights of their visit for your enjoyment.

There were a bunch of firsts during this trip as we visited a live volcano, Carrie and Carl swam in the ocean together for the first time, Carl and I got our picture taken with a guy with a gun, and Carrie had her first ever fresh coconut!  They also experienced their first earthquake, but we don’t have any pictures of that.


IMG_0133 DSC_0181

We took in many of the sights of Nicaragua and were happy to be greeted by some of the more hard to find inhabitants in the country and many of the beautiful picturesque moments. One morning we came across a family of monkeys by the beach and a host of crabs heading back into the ocean. We also spent our evenings watching the sun go down and took in many of the historical sights.





We enjoyed introducing them to our friends and family here, while soaking up the time that we had with them.  It was a great time and we will always remember the many memories that we were able to create and will always share. We miss you Carrie and Carl!



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