February 16, 2015

Heading North

In the beginning of February, I (Cassie) headed north seven hours to the picturesque country of Honduras. Even though Nicaragua and Honduras share borders, we have only ever passed through on a bus. I am so glad that I got to spend ten days in this lovely country and I look forward to future visits.IMG_2190 

Some might wonder how I could describe one of the most dangerous countries in the world as picturesque and lovely, this was hard for me to grasp as well. Honduras is full of contrasts, the security issues, gang problems and violence are completely devastating. And yet, Hondurans love their country, their traditions, their land and have a strong belief and hope for it’s future.


I attended a course called “Buentrato en la Familia” or “Good Treatment in the Family,” through an organization called CLAVES in Uruguay. It was a full week of training on non-violence in the family, which included themes such as attachment, bonding, parenting, gender violence and abuse prevention. It was excellent material, which provided a lot of new resources for our classes at the seminary and workshops with AMC.


Before class started each morning, I took a mototaxi to the top of the mountain right outside town. I then proceeded to walk/run down the mountain, first starting in the clouds and then ending up in the valley. The views were stunning, I loved running past pine trees and it was great to feel cold again.IMG_2117IMG_2119

The days were long and full, but we had a bit of free time to spend in the beautiful towns of Valle de Angeles and Santa Lucia, which are right outside of Tegucigalpa.


I look forward to heading north again.

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