February 2, 2015

El Nacimiento (The Birth)

It took us some three hours to arrive at a small farm just 50 kilometers outside of the city of Estelí.  We were in a truck, our mouths filling with dust as we rode along the dirt roads that led us there.  The going was slow as we traversed rivers. At times we needed to get out of the truck in order to help it pass over the high boulders in what many would call a path as opposed to a road. As we jiggled in the truck's bed various landmarks were pointed out, a communal well, the single room school house and very humble homes.


We were making this journey in-order to visit a friends family. Karen and Isaac were married on June 2nd 2013. Cassie and I were the equivalent to what we refer to as the best-man and maid of honor. We enjoy both Karen and Isaac a great deal, however we have never had the opportunity to really get to know Karen's family.


Thus, we found ourselves in the back of this truck with Karen pointing out the various points of interest aforementioned. Soon we saw Karen's brother hanging from the entrance gate to their finca or farm. We made the last treacherous mile down their driveway which they share with other aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, and countless other relatives.


The day was filled with all sorts of activities that one will find on a rural farm here in Nicaragua. We chased chickens, looked at pigs, mooooooed at cows and were pestered by flies. However, the day also involved some more curious events.


A four hour hike (we were initially told it was a half hour) looking at the various crops that ended in an oasis spring.


Eating wonderful rosquillas, well seasoned chicken and a scrumptious soup.


Making cuajada – our favorite kind of cheese here in Nicaragua.


The journey was a wonderful one. It was great to spend time with Karen's family and to understand more about who she is and what made her that way and we look forward to the day when we will return.


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