March 27, 2015

Student Teaching

Do the names Rick Mirer, Shawn Wooden, Jerome Bettis or Lou Holtz mean anything to you? In the early 90's, I (Kevin) fell in love with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. It was the time of Rudy, the end of the glory years, when Charlie Ward's pass got knocked down in the game of the century, when Notre Dame expected to win each and every Saturday and the luck of the Irish seemed like it would never run out. 

I was a horrible student in high school; lets just say I did not believe the many teachers who told me that someday I would need to know various topics associated with Spanish, Science, English or Math. I rarely applied myself, am pretty sure I was voted as most likely to be "homeless" as a senior. Also I am pretty sure that during these years I did not miss a Notre Dame game. All things considered, I filled out the various forms and sent in the various dollars necessary to apply to Notre Dame during my senior year of high school; assuming that my obsession, dedication and love for the school would help them overlook my sub 2.0 cumulative GPA.

My mother, not a football fan in even the loosest of terms, always seemed to support me in almost all my dreams and endeavors that I have ever taken on and for that I am grateful. She has always commentated that I would someday end up at Notre Dame like Rudy - again a reference to the movie which she has seen and loves.  For those of you who have not seen it, my mother and I, highly recommend this tear jerker.

Mom, I wanted to let you know that I am finally here, I have arrived at Notre Dame and they were so impressed that instead of studying they have actually given me an adjunct position so to speak - oh just imagine the seats I am going to get this coming fall at the home opener vs. Texas on the 5th of September.

You may be confused or laughing, so just to clarify, no I am not in South Bend, I am still in Managua. I am currently taking a leave of absence from MCC in order to finish my practicum in student teaching from the one college (Dordt) that did originally accept me after my dismal showing in high school. It just so happens that the excellent high school where I am doing my practicum happens to be named Notre Dame.  I should see what I can do about getting them to change their mascot from the panthers to the Fighting Irish - "go ND!"

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