March 15, 2015

Making Our House Our Home

In following our value of simple living, while enjoying the place that we are living in, we have done a few projects around the house that we thought we would share with you. 

After seeing pallet book cases all over the internet and then having a friend (hey Chels!) show me one that they had recently made for their baby room, we decided to try them out for ourselves.  Kevin made this darling bookshelf while I was in Honduras.  It is now hanging in our kiddo’s future room.  I love it!

DSC_0081 DSC_0085

Kevin made two bookcases for our kids’ room, but they both didn’t seem to fit.  So we hung one in our living room and I have started to decorate it a bit.  It still needs some work, but I love the direction that it is going. 

Here is the tutorial that Kevin followed.  Both of these bookshelves cost us under $4.00.

DSC_0026 DSC_0016

When we first moved in three years ago, we put together a gallery wall of photos.  However, I wasn’t loving it anymore and so I decided to add some more prints, along with other textures.  I made a few prints on photoshop, found a few online and also used a lot of scrapbook paper, doilies (your fav Mandy!) and washi tape.  We put this together in one evening and were able to reuse the majority of our old nail holes, which is great because concrete walls are not always that forgiving and the grey wall paint is gone.

 DSC_0064  DSC_0066

I have been shopping at La Tijera at the Mercado Oriental for the past few years.  While they don’t have a large selection of cotton knits, they do have a lot of beautiful upholstery fabric for cheap.  I recently sewed these curtains for our bedroom, and I believe that they cost me under $5.  In January, I sewed twelve new curtains for a friend’s home and that was under $40.


I added this Minneapolis print to our other place prints.  It was a Christmas gift from a close friend (hi Sarah!) and every time I walk past, I think of her.


I have been in love with these Mexican flags for years.  They cannot be found in Nicaragua, so about a year ago I started looking on esty and amazon.  Everything that I found was expensive, so I had decided to wait.  Then when we were home in December, I was shopping in a Mexican grocery store in St. Paul and came across these beauties for $3.  I love the color that they add.  I found the bird piƱata at the local market and decided that it fit just perfectly.


We are working on getting our garden back to life.  The couple months that we were gone, meant a lot of dead flowers and vegetables.  But we are getting there.  Here is a new flower planted and placed in a beautiful handmade box that was used at our friend’s wedding in January (thanks Bethany!).


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