September 2, 2015

A Five Year History

To meet someone who is living life in the present seems like a rarity these days. After all we live in a time where our society is focused and obsessed with efficiency.  With our drive-thru windows, entertainment on demand and split second communication that allows us to talk with friends and family or do business 24/7.  To live life in the present demands that we focus on the here and now, the joys and sorrows we are experiencing in the moment.  To think about the present demands that we think about the past. That we take our world into perspective and in doing so gain a better understanding of who we are, where we came from and in doing so gain a better idea of what it is that we want to do today in order to live it well!

For this reason Cassie and I have chosen to gain some perspective of our everyday, often mundane lives through the concrete action of recording various key events, seemingly boring facts, points of sadness and shouts of joy to see just what kind of path our lives are on in the present moment. We are making a concrete step to reflect on the ebbs and flows of our life with the hope that one day we can look back and see where we came from and understand how it is that we got here in the first place.

To this end, Cassie and I have begun to record one such event at the end of each of our days for the next five years. 

From the simple and mundane entries like:

  • I turned 32 today, we enjoyed the beach and had good talks about our lives.
  • I watched the sun come up over the city of Managua during my run this morning.

To the scribbles of emotion, pain and joy:

  • My knee feels the best it has in many years!
  • Somewhere you (our kids) are out there and we are thinking about you today.
  • The rains are finally here!

We are recording our present as it becomes our past in order to enjoy today and move healthfully into a constructed future that depends entirely on how well we lived today and want to encourage you to reflect on how your decisions today will create your tomorrow.

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