December 10, 2015

So Long, Farewell

In July of 2012 Cassie and I moved to our current location in Tierra Prometida. We made our home a home, filled with Cassie’s beautiful décor and lots of work on the inside of the house as we sought to enjoy our living space and make somewhat of a place of respite here in Managua. We have often written about our house, about our neighborhood and those who we have been doing life with here in Nicaragua because our location has seemed like a perfect fit. Not only have we enjoyed to call this house our home, but we have relished getting to know those who live here in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, we are being asked to leave our home this month. The owner’s ex-wife has moved back from Spain and wants to live in the home again. For this reason we are moving. We are saddened by this news, but are also thankful that she is allowing us to stay a few days longer than the end of our rental agreement which ends on Christmas day.

                                                    We are also thankful that we have been able to find another place to live in a neighborhood that is close to Tierra Prometida. Before finding our home in Tierra Prometida we spent a few months living with host families, a month a part from one another living in Estelí and La Concha and a few months living in the MCC office. During our host family stays we called Barrio 3-80 home for three months. While there we lived with our host “mom” Grethel, a mother of three who happened to be younger than us. We have continued to grow this relationship and consider her and her entire extended family dear friends.

                                                    It just so happens that in 3-80 there is a house for rent right next door to our Grethel and family. We met with the owner’s soon after finding out that we would have to vacate our house and have now signed a rental agreement for this new property. We are saddened, but also looking forward to the change that will soon be coming to our lives. We are in the midst of planning a Christmas celebration for the neighborhood kids (pictures to come)and are spending lots of time with neighbors as they express their sadness that we will soon be leaving the neighborhood.

The people is what we will most miss – Diego who we always buy our hot cooked beans from, Marta who sells us fresh fish every Sunday, Lela who we purchase our produce from, Marcos whom we buy our cheese from, Esmeralda who sells us tortillas, our Sunday night fritanga vender Maria, the jovencito who is always willing to repair our suitcases, but most of all, all of the children, Genesis, Solkey, Daniel, Elmer, Nielson, Sarai, Derrick, Natalia, Freddy Jr., Xilone, Casey, the kids who greet us with hugs and smiles each and everyday.

We love you Tierra Prometida!

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