November 28, 2015


Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, I would hope that many of us have been reflecting on the things that we are grateful for.  I (Cassie) have continued my practice of intentionally looking for the things that I am grateful for.  This daily practice has been an essential part of my life since we moved to Nicaragua.  It has helped me to focus on the small, beautiful, sometimes easy to miss gifts of my day to day life.  Here is a list from this past month:

Estela (how could I not start the list with her?), palm trees, mountain runs, good morning hugs, a new city to explore, a love story, rosemary twigs in my drinks, fans that blow cool air, new neighbors, two people to cuddle with, delicious fritanga after church, a seat on the bus, my sewing machine, access to water, “Te Amo” and “I Love You”, newly blooming flowers, i-messaging, visitors at our door, a friend lending us their working washing machine, a new leather purse, friends buying flights to come and visit, sleeping in, a lovely Thanksgiving table filled with friends, the budding of squash in our garden, a night with no internet, BINGO Night, a classroom full of eager learners, the ability to change, my sister’s wedding next week, safety, pineapple and fresh starts.   

I will leave you with a few photos from our Thanksgiving Day Celebration.  Thanks for reading!


DSC_600 (27)DSC_600 (28)DSC_600 (29)DSC_800 (2)Thanksgiving

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