February 1, 2016

Oma and Opa Visit


We were so grateful to have newly named Oma and Opa come for a visit during the first days of the New Year. There was much trepidation and planning that went into the trip. My mother needed a passport, instructions for passing through airports were provided and eleven days of adventure and exploration were developed.


My mom still had not been here, in fact she had neither traveled abroad nor seen the ocean prior to their visit to Nicaragua. Things did not always go as planned; the parents arrived after the ball dropped on New Year’s due to plane problems, the trunk of our rental car decided to not close at some inopportune times and Nicaragua chose to be quite hot and humid during the visit.


But we had a wonderful time! One of the greatest highlights for all was the time that Oma and Opa were able to have with Estela. It was great to see them get to know one another and great to see the ways in which love transcends language.


Beyond that we wanted to share with them some highlights of the wondrous place that is Nicaragua. I am so happy to share that my mom loved the ocean, it was here favorite part of Nicaragua, except for Estela of course!


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