January 25, 2016

Our New Place

Late last month, we left our amazing home in Tierra Prometida and moved a couple of kilometers to the east.  We were hoping that we would not have to move, but after offering double the rent and almost everything we own, the home owner said that he just really wanted his home back.  We understood and decided to move back to Tres Ochenta, where we first lived with our host family when we arrived in 2011.  We live right next door and enjoy sharing our days together. 

Pros – Living close to our good friends Pedro, Gretel and her kiddos, Tortilla vendor directly in front of our home, Central location, Second story is cool and breezy, New and clean bathroom, Open design, Smaller meaning much less to clean, 3 minute walk to our favorite sushi joint and pool

Cons – Open design leads to a lot of dust in the house, Less security, No place to hang a hammock, Kitchen design, Miss our old neighbors, No garden, Far from our favorite fritanga, Ant problems

We thought we would share a few pictures of our second floor apartment.  Enjoy!

2016-01-20 13.53.20

This is a view from below.  We are up on the second floor.

2016-01-20 13.53.30

Come up the steps and see our new place.


Brisa hanging out in our brightly painted living room.  This was not my choice for wall color, and sadly Brisa is no longer with us.  The neighbors below have nine dogs (no joke, some are newly born puppies) and a mean cat and Brisa was very anxious living here.  We gave her to our old neighbor who is taking very good care of her.  We do miss her though!


Kevin getting breakfast ready in our kitchen.  We miss our old kitchen as it had excessive amounts of counter space.  We now find ourselves sitting and cutting things on the floor.


Here I am hanging up our laundry.  You can see our neighbor’s roof on the other side.  Being up high gives us a cool breeze, but can also lead to a lot of dust.

2016-01-21 09.31.40

Cloth diapering, they dry very quickly in the direct sunlight.


Our water tank.  This is a definite plus for when the city water goes out.

2016-01-20 13.54.56

This is the view out of our front gate.  Thanks for reading.  Come and visit anytime!

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r.c.f. said...

Sad about Brisa, but it's good that she is in a safe home away from the dogs! Hope you guys are adjusting well to the new place.