November 17, 2011


Cassie and I have discovered that when you learn a new language you are introduced into a whole different way of looking at the world. There are many common phrases that we have heard in English for the majority of our lives; do as your told, do everything in moderation, do not worry, etc.

But when you hear things in a new language and then translate that new way of understanding into your first language you are provided with a new and fresh perspective on an old adage. Last evening we found ourselves concerned, or better I should say worried about what we had gotten ourselves into in our coming to Nicaragua. We were worried about our future, about where it is that we will live, what our jobs will look like exactly and first and foremost the struggles we are encountering with the Spanish language.

The word worried dominates the culture we have come from. People are worried about so many things that seem irrelevant; especially when one considers what is truly important in life. However, what does it mean?  What is a person to do when he or she is told “not to worry?”

The Spanish translation for this word is preocupado and communicates the idea that one should not be preoccupied with something that he or she has no control over.

We like that, do not worry, or better yet—do not be preoccupied with things that you have no control over.  Instead live each day to its fullest, using your God given gifts and talents!


Marisa said...

you guys are rockstars! remember to celebrate the small victories of every day:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post. Such truth to not worrying about things out of our control. Give it all up to The Master!

Ann said...

Jim and I chuckle at the memories of the dogs, roosters, and showers.... While they are not things to chuckle at in the moment- they are part of the memory making. I often hear the chickens around the farm here and think I am in rural Nicaragua...