November 4, 2011

Upon Arrival

Here is a peace point (bullet points are not an appropriate term for peace workers) summary of our first three days in Managua:

  • We did not go to bed the night before our flight.  This led to us sleeping for the majority of our time in the air.
  • In Atlanta, we met Dr. Zylstra (Dordt College President) who was also heading to Managua.  It was nice to know that a familiar face was accompanying us to Nicaragua.
  • We were greeted at the airport by David (friend from orientation) and Angela (our MCC boss).
  • Managua is hot! And this is supposed to be the cooler part of the year?
  • Kevin is having some anxiety about the spiders, bats and lizards. He actually had nightmares last night because of them!
  • We moved in with our host mother Damarius.  She is a wonderful host and an excellent cook.  She does not speak a lot of English, which is great for improving our skills (see photo of Damarius and her nephew below; also pictured is her beautiful home).

DSCN3789 DSCN3795

  • We went to one of the largest Managuan Cemetaries on El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and learned a lot about Nicaraguan culture.
  • We have eaten gallo pinto (painted rooster) five times.  It is a famous Nicaraguan food that is eaten at almost every breakfast and dinner.  So far, so good!
  • We celebrated Cassie’s birthday along with another MCCer Lloyd at our combined Welcome and Birthday party on Thursday (see photo). 
  • Our new MCC colleagues and friends have been very welcoming and helpful!  Each of them is doing amazing work here in Nicaragua.
  • We enjoyed a dinner out with Dordt Alumni on Thursday evening (see photo).
  • We are disappointed with our Spanish skills and are trying to spend every spare minute learning more.
  • Presidential Elections will be held on Sunday.  Please pray for a peaceful election process.

DSCN3782 DSCN3788


Suzy Lane said...

It is fun to hear what you are experiencing! We will pray for peaceful elections and peace-loving insects/rodents! Love you both! Mom Lane

TJ said...

So glad to hear your transition has been smooth. Happy belated birthday Cass. Kev, just watched your Steelers lose a close one in the final seconds of the game...sorry bro. We love you guys.