March 25, 2012


We have been blessed to have a few friends come down and visit us over the past few months.  There is nothing like seeing a familiar face while sharing conversation and laughter.

Back in December, Will and Erika (and Baby Strickland) were working here in Nicaragua with a YWAM team.  We enjoyed catching up with them during our afternoon together at Laguna de Apoyo.

DSCN4518  DSCN4521

Anna and Andrea, friends from Church of All Nations came to Nicaragua and Costa Rica on a three week backpacking trip.  We enjoyed hosting them, showing them around and learning more about their lives.

DSCN5078  DSCN4900

Matthew, our good buddy from Dordt and the Humble Bean came down for a few days.  What a joy it was to share a cup of coffee, wonderful conversation and a beautiful sunset on the beach.  We will take him up on his offer to visit us again!

CIMG5709  DSCN5064

Joe, our late night neighbor from Bethel also came to visit for a weekend.  Yes, it can be done!  We loved catching up with him, hearing about his life and making up for our time not living next door.  He also filled us in on the GOP Presidential Race, there may have been a few debates along the way.

DSCN5444  DSCN5439

And we are very excited for this Friday when our parents arrive here in Nicaragua.  Kevin’s dad will be traveling down (on his second flight ever, first since he was 16!) along with Cassie’s parents.  We are taking our first week of vacation when they come and are looking forward to making up for time apart, while creating wonderful memories together!

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