March 7, 2012

8 month old, Oreo’s and a Move

This is what we woke up to the other morning.  A cute (and messy) start to the day!  We are sad that today is our last day in our home with Aleesia and her family.  We loved living in the neighborhood known as “Tres Ochenta.”  The soccer games, our tortilla stand, yummy enchiladas and our neighbors will be missed.

Tomorrow we are headed out to Esteli (together this time) for two more weeks of language immersion.  After that we may have our own place, we may be living with a new host family or we may be living in the MCC office?  There are many unknowns at this time.  But we have learned that FLEXIBILITY is the key and to take things in stride.  Of course we would like to be more settled, to not still be living out of our suitcases, but we trust that it will all work out in the end. 

DSCN5193     DSCN5194 DSCN5192    DSCN5198

What we do know is that we will be making MANY visits to Tres Ochenta to visit this little one and her family!


Anonymous said...

Que linda Cassie!!! Estoy segura que tendran muchas visitas,aqui, en ''su casa'' porque siempre seran parte de esta familia.... Extrañaremos mucho las travesuras de Kevin y tus cuidados, sonrisas y juegos con Adria y Alessia.... Llevan con ustedes un pedacito de nuestro corazón...Que este cambio sea el comienzo de mejores cosas para ambos.... Su familia Pedrito,Alessia,Adria y yo ...siempre estaremos orando por ustedes! Dios los Bendiga!! Los amamos! <3

Shawna Lane said...

Love the baby pics! Have fun on your excursion. Love ya sibs!