April 25, 2012


Do you ever wonder how in the wide world your favorite chocolate bar gets into your little sticky fingers and what is all involved in the process of making such a scrumptious treat? I (Kevin) finally tried my hand at making another batch of chocolate after a first failed, and oh so disappointing attempt.

DSCN4199  DSCN5381

I began with roasting the dried cacao beans, a process similar to that of roasting coffee or toasting your favorite nut. Afterwards, the real time intensive process of shelling each individual bean (think about peeling a pound of garlic, only with a somewhat more enjoyable aroma) ensued. After an hour one pound was shelled and ready to be milled and made into fresh cocoa powder. I visited the local miller who was more than happy to provide me with his services.

DSCN5382  DSCN5383

Then the stove, a strong sturdy pot, a bit of milk, coffee (of course), some sugar, and frequent stirring. The result, exactly one pound of dark chocolate to be served over warm and equally scrumptious brownies, I think you would have enjoyed them!

DSCN5384  DSCN5385
A final note, I still have not figured out a method to get the chocolate as smooth as I would like. I have seen various homemade machines, both here and in Ecuador, that are used to pulverize the chocolate sauce in order to create the smooth consistency that is chocolate, this may have to wait as I hear my Spanish books calling my name.


Megan said...

That is awesome Kevin! Can you send some to MN :)?! Miss you guys!

ross charles said...

Mmmmmm...that looks so good. You'll have to teach us.