April 4, 2012

Season Opener

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You may remember the frigid temperatures that hung over the St. Louis sky last October as the redbirds earned a world series title over the Rangers. Fortunately for you all, baseball has returned and today you will have the chance to root for your home team while munching on a box of cracker jacks or enjoying a freshly grilled sausage, or perhaps a steak and cheese, or just cheese for that matter if you find yourself rooting for the brew crew this weekend.

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Cassie and I left for Nicaragua just after the baseball season ended, but we soon found ourselves immersed in the rivalries and traditions that is Nicaraguan baseball. The league here started in the 1950's and continues today, offering baseball fans an opportunity to watch their beloved sport almost year around. We found ourselves at a game recently, sitting in seats that would have cost us hundreds in the states, and enjoying the various food items at budget costs, the hot dogs were amazing and they were only 50 cents, and do not even get me started about the plantain chips. In the spirit of opening day Cassie and I would like to offer you a ticket to the game and seat of your choice, here in Nicaragua of course!


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