April 20, 2012

An Old Pair of Jeans

I just happened to be wearing an old pair of Gap jeans when I sat down with my Spanish teacher the other day. I love these jeans and remember how excited I was when I found them on sale some years back. However, that excitement dwindled after we began talking about my jeans, and the price she paid for my once perceived bargain.

Much of Spanish learning comes via conversation.  We talk about the little things, the everyday subjects like the our weekends, the heat and the mango harvest.  Throughout our time here we have built relationships with our teachers.  A few days ago my teacher and I were chatting about our previous work experiences.  My teacher shared that she worked in the Zona Franca for two years, spending her days reviewing the quality of items before exportation.  She had to make sure that the items did not have any tears, snags or coloring issues.  I then proceeded to ask her what kind of items her factory made and she responded jeans.  She then asked me if I had heard of the Gap?

She continued to share about the work environment that she endured for a couple of years before she was able to return to school in hopes for a better job.  She left her house (and her kids) everyday at 5:00am and returned at 9:00pm.  She received a half an hour break for lunch and her managers took record of how many times their employees used the bathroom.  I sat there in horror as she described the company’s “poor conditions” wondering if the jeans I was wearing were previously reviewed by her?

Her whopping paycheck came to 600 cords a month.  That is $24.00 per month, $6.00 per week and a measly $0.86 cents a day (they work six days a week).  And don’t forget her long hours away from her family.

All of this reminded me of this blog post that we wrote awhile back.  I had twenty-five slaves working for me at that time and now I am able to put a face on a somewhat seemingly incomprehensible problem.  You see, my teacher is incredibly talented and yet she ended up in this place for two years of her life.  Many others end up there for all of their lives.

*Photos courtesy of www.gap.com

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nikki holst said...

Love this post Cass. I was trying to figure out how to put it on facebook. If only I had extra cash laying around! I am anxious to visit you guys!!!