August 29, 2012

School Bells

As the school bells ring back home, they are also ringing here.  Our class “Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation” officially starts this Saturday.  The syllabi, power point and handouts are ready to go!  We keep thinking how easy this would be if we were able to present in English, but unfortunately that is not our reality.

photo 62 

We have both been reading through “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” and have been discussing and contemplating the teaching methodology of Paulo Freire.  This teaching style definitely is more inline with our views on the educational system.  We plan to promote learning by empowering our students through facilitating learning circles, reflective questioning and using other creative teaching techniques.

“People are resources, not recipients.” –Paulo Freire

We are anxious and fearful to begin the class, but excited to take this step.  We would appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers!

And I thought I would throw in a couple of fun pictures from our last couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

photo 58  photo 64 

We love our little friends Adria and Alessia.  I can’t get over how big Alessia has gotten.  Remember here and here?  Their new brother will be arriving shortly!

photo 60  photo 70

We had our previous host mom and her family over to our new place.  We enjoyed a night of conversation, food and a birthday celebration with “magic trick” candles!

photo 66  photo 67

Here is Kevin playing some ball with the neighbor kids.  Slam dunks are a bit easier on this hoop!

photo 68  photo 61

Have I told you all how much I love my flowers?  Here are some recent blooms, which reminds me I still need to show you pictures of our new garden.  More of that in a later post.

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Dad/MomZ said...

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. The girls look older than when I saw them in March 2012. Kevin, you look like Durant out there on the court.