October 6, 2012

Our Love for Coconut Oil

Our food tastes better, our skin feels smoother, we feel healthier, why?  A few months ago we were put into contact with a European lady who is working with farmers on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.  For those of you who don’t know, we are on the western side of Nicaragua which is about 200 miles away (yet it can be a full day bus trip).  The Atlantic coast is famous for their coconut oil production.  Much of the oil is exported around the world, but the farmers are looking for alternative ways to sell their oil for fair prices.  We decided to help them out!


We bought a few bottles of oil, which creatively come in recycled water bottles and result in no packaging costs.  We quickly went through our supply and decided to buy a gallon the next time.  We absolutely love our coconut oil and are using it for cooking, hair care, shaving and baking replacements/substitutes.  We also love that the prices are relatively low for us and the money goes right into the pockets of the farmers.

In case you are interested in picking up some coconut oil (preferably fair trade), listed below are a few more uses of coconut oil.  Oh, and if you would like a bottle for Christmas, let us know!

{Hair care, stress relief, skin care and/or moisturizer (cradle cap, diaper rash, anti-aging, wrinkles, stretch marks and skin problems such as acne and eczema), maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength}

And just in case you are up for reading a bit more.  October is fair-trade month.  Check out this article at Fair Trade USA to learn what you can do:

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Fair Trade Month


lisa said...

I love coconut oil! It is the first product I have found that actually treats really dry skin/eczema. You should try melting it and pouring it over your famous popcorn. Sooo tasty!

Tamer Soliman said...

Hello! My name is Tamer Soliman and I'm trying to locate someone who makes the best quality Coconut Oil as I'm trying to bottle it in the cayman Islands. Do you happen to have the contact of the women you speak of Nicaragua? Also, I'm a total advocate of fair-trade, artisanal, sustainable brands. If you can e-mail me that would be fantastic :). Tamer.lifestyle@gmail.com. Thank you so much Cassie and Kevin
I look forward to hearing from you

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I am working on a project in Nicaragua and want to find Coconut oil for a "fair trade" price and benefiting locals. Do you still have contact with the source.

Cassie and Kevin Zonnefeld said...

Yes. Send me an e-mail at: cassie.zonnefeld@hotmail.com