October 1, 2012

water (a reality in our neighborhood)

So after twelve hours of not having water I started to get a bit annoyed.  I mean, I had dirty dishes in the sink that needed to be washed (ants are crazy here which means that dishes can’t go unwashed), I hadn’t showered for a day (or two), I had to brush my teeth with a dry brush (eew), we couldn’t flush our toilet (enough said!) and the list goes on. 

I started complaining a bit to Kevin wondering why our reserve water tanks weren’t working.  We have two water tanks which store extra water for when the neighborhood water goes off.

I guess I hadn’t talked to my neighbors in a couple of days because Kevin kindly informed me that the water has been off in our neighborhood for four days.  Four whole days!

I didn’t notice it until yesterday because we were using our "reserve water.”  The majority of our neighbors don’t have water tanks, which means when the water is out, it is out.

That is four days with no water. 


Take a minute to think how this might impact you.  Take a minute to thank the One above for the blessings that go unnoticed.  For real, when was the last time you thought about how fortunate you were for having a steady flow from your sink?  I know I don’t think about it often.  And take a minute to think about those around the world who don’t have access to the same basic resources that you do.

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