October 23, 2012

Creativity is the Key–Part 4

To finish up my “Home Sweet Home” series, I am going to share about creativity. Living in Nicaragua has taught me to be creative with what I have. My house doesn’t look HGTV or Young House Love ready, but it is cozy and comfortable for us and our friends. This is my main priority. Enjoy!

Awhile back I started to pin (or save ideas of) “printables” on my pinterest account. This was an easy and inexpensive way to decorate our home and I love the end result. Kevin and I searched for frames (less than $3, many second-hand) and spray-painted them.

photo-45_thumb photo-38_thumb

photo-35_thumb photo-50_thumb

Also pictured above, you will see the side table/night stand that we have in our guest room – a chair. Not my first choice, but it works?! Below is another side table that we have in our guest room. It is an ugly plastic stool, but with some leftover fabric, it serves it’s purpose and looks cute. Right? And on top of it is a printable of one of Coldplay’s classic songs, Yellow. This makes a Coldplay fan very content!


Pictured below is one of my favorite boxes that my Auntie Suzie gave to me several years ago. It is our “junk” box filled with tea-light candles, checkbook (yes, we still use one) and more. I don’t think it will ever go out of style!

I also made the illumination candle jar pictured below. How? I took an old glass and tied some fabric strips around it. Easy and dainty!

Also pictured is a candle that I wrapped with cinnamon and twine. Pinterest said that it would give off a cinnamon aroma. It doesn’t, but at least we have a little feeling of fall in our house on these hot 90 degree days.

DSC_0025_thumb8 photo54_thumb2

When I came to Nicaragua, I brought along a view special pieces from home. Pictured below is one of the many green stars that we used to decorate the dance floor at our wedding. I love the memories that it brings back!

As we were in the process of transitioning to Nicaragua, I came across this amazing leaf bowl at a second-hand store. I told myself (and Kevin) that I did not need it as we were about to move. But he secretly purchased it for me and saved it for part of my birthday present when we arrived here. What a sweetie! I keep my peace rock inside when we are not using it in the classroom. It serves as a daily reminder for why we are here in Nicaragua.

photo-48_thumb photo-30_thumb

Birds. I love them and have them all over my house – wherever I live. I am even wearing some fun bird earrings today. The bird decorations were Christmas presents from Kevin and the leaf looking print was a free printable.  For all of you who haven’t yet, put a bird on it!


Gold is the look here in Nicaragua. I don’t mind gold, but for some reason I wasn’t too excited about this this mirror. I fixed this frame by spray-painting it and I love the end result.

DSC_0006_thumb3 photo-29_thumb

Lastly, I will brag a bit about our friend Miriam who made us this awesome note banner as a good-bye gift. She sewed pieces of scrap paper together for friends to sign at a goodbye party. It hangs in our bedroom and we love having all of your love in our home!

photo-36_thumb3 photo-40_thumb3

That is it, my creative juices have ran out. I hope that you enjoyed this little series and we would love for you to come and see it all in person. If you missed out on the others, check them out here:

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Megan said...

Love it Cassie!! I recently purchased scrap book paper and framed it for our guest bedroom. I still need to hang it! And remember the yellow window frame I got from you? That is going in the guest room too!