November 18, 2012

Life Lately

This post is a random collection of pictures and words from our last month here.  Enjoy!










We enjoyed a visit from our friend’s Jon and Tamara who are on a one year trip around the world.  They are producing videos for Feed My Starving Children and were working here in Nicaragua for two weeks.  Here is a video that they produced in Kenya:  Food at Work: I Have a Dream

We are very excited to see the final Nicaragua videos.  Can we just say that we are a little jealous of their lives?!?


We participated in an advocacy workshop with MCC’s partners here in Nicaragua.  It was a wonderful two days of idea building and discussion for our mutual work here in Nicaragua.  We also said goodbye to our boss, Angela who served here for seven years.  We had two great parties to send her off.  Here was our last team picture with her!  Pictures courtesy of Matt Tschetter


We have continued with our chocolate experimenting.  This batch didn’t turn out as great as the last one.


We have been working on some fun projects around the house and our neighbor kids love to help.  Natalia helped me sand, paint and modge podge (homemade) this map side table.  We all like how it turned out!


As Minnesotans who live close to several lakes but far from any oceans, we thoroughly enjoy our weekends away at the beach.  On this particular weekend, Kevin was quite sick and slept the day away in the $4 hostel bed while Cassie laid on the beach with friends.


We always enjoy going to the Ruben Dario National Theater which is located right here in Managua.  Recently we saw the production of Chicago with a two of our favorite couple friends.  It was fun to sing along!


We are sad to say goodbye to our great friends and MCC co-workers, Nate and Liz who will be heading back to Colorado in December.  We look forward to Colorado visits in the future and have plans for a Boundary Waters getaway!


We could have a full-time job in our neighborhood, the kids are always eager to hang out!  Also pictured is Kevin and Alesia (our previous host sister) who spent the night with her sister a couple of weeks ago.  Melt my heart!


I won a photo contest for the city guide of the colonial town Granada.  This included a monetary prize (Christmas shopping anyone?!?) as my photo was selected for the front cover.  Oh and I am highly guessing that I was the only one to enter a photo!


Our first class at the Baptist Seminary is wrapping up.  We cannot believe how quickly the classes have gone and are pleased with the results.  We have another course lined up for the next semester, we are surprised they actually want us to come back?!?  We have also been busy spending time with our students in their homes for dinner, churches (Kevin preached one Sunday and I led games for the youth) as well as office visits.


I had a great birthday celebration, my second one here in Nicaragua.  We enjoyed dessert and songs with our Community group as well as our Seminary class.  We also took a day away to the markets with friends.  Thank-you for your warm wishes through e-mails, cards and care packages.  You all are the best!


We celebrated Thanksgiving last week with our MCC team.  We have so much to be grateful for!  Do any of you have plans for an awesome turkey piñata?  Have a great week celebrating and thanking with family and friends!


Charissa said...

hey cassie! i enjoy following your blog and have always wanted a table like your map one. could you send me the recipe for how you made your homemade mod podge?? and do you think it would work on a glass top table?
happy thanksgiving!! super jealous of that pinata your team had ;)

Cassie and Kevin Zonnefeld said...

Hi Charissa! I don't have your e-mail, so I hope that you get this through the comments. I just mixed 1:1 Elmer's Glue (or school glue) with water. It worked pretty well. I have also seen recipes with flour, but I didn't try that. Afterwards I used a clear spray paint lacquer to finish it off. Afterwards, I actually found out that one of my team-mates had some real modge podge, so I put a final coat on with that. I am not sure about glass? I would assume that it could work. Maybe try a little section of the table first to see what the results are? If it is awful, you can just scrub that end off. Have a great week and I believe we will see each other next June...far away...but it will be fun!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE TURKEY. We need one to celebrate!

Charissa said...

hey i was just coming back cuz i forgot to leave my email address :)
thanks! bendiciones! hasta Junio!