November 27, 2012

Pasos Para La Paz

Paso 1: Elija la Paz

Paso 2: Trate de entender las necesidades de los seres humanos en este mundo.

Paso 3: Aprenda a comprometerse con los demás.

Paso 4: Trabaje constantemente para mejorar su nivel de comprensión y compromiso.

La paz es posible, pero debe ser una elección


Last Saturday we completed our first class and feel relieved, pleased and excited for what is next.  We still have a lot of grading to do this week, but for now we thought we would share with you the “Steps for Peace” that we read together with our students as a way to finish each class. 

We read these out loud twelve times together and each time it was always a bit emotional for me.  To hear twenty-five people from various ages, stages and backgrounds committing our best to live this way brings about a sense of hope.

As we approach this holiday season, may we all find peace on this earth.  This is exactly what the little baby came to do!



Step 1: Choose Peace

Step 2: Try to understand that needs of other people in this world.

Step 3: Learn to compromise with others.

Step 4: Work constantly to better your level of understanding and your commitment.

Peace is possible, but it is a choice.



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