November 14, 2012

Our Garden

By Kevin

As the harvest season winds down up north, we are just planting four young and tender tomato seedlings into our garden. Some may think, gardening in November?  Other green thumbs may be enthused about the opportunity of a twelve month growing season, I guess a lot of that may depend on your opinion of the heat and humidity that comes along with the pleasure of having a harvest year round.

You may ask how we can have a garden, let alone a compost with absolutely no dirt or planting ground at our home.  At first this was a downfall of our place, but with a little help from our friends and family we figured out how to make it work.  We are really enjoying learning about the plants that are available to us here in Nicaragua. 

DSC_0069 DSC_0072

Some of our “plantitas” (or little plants, an endearing term in Spanish).  The little fern tree above is going to be our Christmas tree this year, although we are wondering if it will be big enough to put ornaments on?

DSC_0079 DSC_0073

Our “watermelon” plant and pepper plant.  Aren’t they both gorgeous?  The peppers add a nice spice to our dishes.

DSC_0076 photo63

We loved the rustic plant boxes that we found at the local market.

photo 54 photo70

A couple other pretty blooms.

DSCN1346 photo100

A before and after picture of our garden.  Cassie’s siblings helped us to build it when they were here.  It is built with cinder blocks, screen and dirt.  It has proved to be a great design!  Thanks Justin and Shawna!


lisa said...

Those little peppers look perfectly bite sized! Everything looks great. We just had the first snow here :)

Anonymous said...

pretty blooms

r.c.f. said...

This is great! I'm sure I'll be envying your warm weather frequently over the next few months. Hope you guys are well!

Anonymous said...

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