November 8, 2015

Estela’s Room

I wrote a draft of this blog post over two years ago.  This little and cozy room, which sits off from our bedroom has been waiting patiently for a sweet little child to come and fill it.  Dreams come true, and on September 29th, Estela walked into her room for the first time.  While she is not quite ready to sleep in her room, she enjoys playing and reading in it during the day.  We have been adding some finishing touches since her arrival and are happy with how it has come together.  Enjoy!

DSC_403 (2)

We painted three of the walls a light grey and kept the yellow and white stripes that we had painted when we first moved in.  Because we are painting concrete walls, the finish doesn’t look the greatest.  But hey, it is the best that we can do right now.


There is a street of vendors in Managua that sells pallets.  It is one of my favorite places to visit!  We were inspired by ideas such as this and this to make pallet beds for this room.  The headboard and frame are made out of five pallets, for a total cost of $15.00.


The Krakris bedding, which is easy and simple, is from Ikea.  The two fabrics for the pillows are also from Ikea, but are no longer listed on their website.  I love the orangey polka dots and have always been a fan of birdies.  I knew that my kiddo needed a little bird action in her room, even though we did not end up naming her Wren.  Tweet, tweet!  My Mom/Abuela Suzy made the curtains out of the orange polka dot fabric.

 DSC_403 (3)

I kindly donated the shelf that Kevin built for me a couple Valentine’s Days ago.  I do miss it for my crafting and sewing items, but it looks much cuter in her room.  I love the Nicaraguan print, family photo and books that sit on its shelves.  The beautiful doll, named Maya, is from a fellow Nicaragua adoptive grandmother.

DSC_0015 DSC_0024

We used some items that we had around the house, including our gracias sign I painted awhile back.  After not loving my cursive painting, the sign is now white again and I am trying to decide what to do.  Any suggestions?


These world and bird prints are also from Ikea.  The middle hanging is a piece of fabric placed into an embroidery hoop, a birthday present from a friend back home.

DSC_405 (3)

This is her gallery wall, which is still in process.  I scoured pinterest for free printables, many of which are adoption themed and took them to the local photo shop to have them developed.  I was able to find a few in Spanish which is extra special.  I also have some embroidery hoops filled with fabric and the white Z was a garage sale find from my mom.

DSC_403 (1) 

This book shelf was made by Kevin.  It is also from a pallet, we wrote more about this here.

DSC_405 (1)

This customized print, “E for Estela” is from this site.


Estela loves anything that twinkles and these lantern lights from World Market are some of her favorites.  Christmas will be so fun!

DSC_403 (5)

This little corner is the home to some of Estela’s favorite wooden toys and books.  They are housed in baskets that we purchased at the Masaya Handicraft Market.  The rug is from Ikea and we have now realized that a white rug where there is a lot of dust and no vacuum is not the best fit.


Being a big Amos Lee fan, I knew that I had to hang this printable from his song, Sweet Pea.

And below are a few more pictures for you to enjoy!  We hope that Estela feels warm (not a problem here in Managua), cozy and loved every time she is in her room.

DSC_0030 DSC_0036DSC_0038 DSC_0040DSC_406 (2) DSC_0035 

I saved the best photo for last.  It is a picture of Estela hanging out in her bedroom!  The room is now complete!

DSC_0026 (4)

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