June 11, 2016

Heading Up North to Jalapa


We wanted to try our hand at camping with Estela in tow. If you do not know, Cassie and I love being in the outdoors. We have taken the opportunity to camp where and whenever we can here in Nicaragua and thankfully, the options continue to increase within country. For this reason, we decided to head up north to a small little place, set up for camping on the outskirts of Jalapa.


Jalapa is a small market town setup to allow local farmers to sell and trade their agricultural goods for services and other products not raised on their farms. However, Jalapa was well-worth the bus ride north. The city is dropped in among some of the tallest peaks of Nicaragua. Tucked into a valley and surrounded by mist, cool breezes and diverse wildlife. As we pitched our tent I felt for the first time, in a long time, that I was not in the hot city of Managua any more; long away from the bustle and noise of the capital, I was in a remote, take my breath away beautiful environment.


That being said, Estela was the real highlight of the weekend. We wanted to make sure that her first camping trip created life-changing positive outdoor memories as we look forward to exploring our world together. She helped us set up camp, staked the tent and made up her little bed; making sure that Maya (her doll) was comfortable and keeping her spot for her before we left to have dinner.


The night went well. We slept good, were not eaten by bugs and slept in until almost mid-morning due to the cool breezes found in the mountains. Our trip was filled with outdoor adventures. We went to some coffee farms, visited some waterfalls, sat in some hot springs, and spent two days visiting various communities, natural reserves and friends in the north of Nicaragua.


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