June 4, 2016

Life Lately

Our life lately has been very rich and full.  While we thought that our adoption would be finalized by now and that we would be spending the summer in Minnesota, life looks a little different.  While it has been a long and arduous process, we continually remind ourselves to enjoy each and everyday.  We will miss this!

2016-04-15 14.07.07

We find ourselves at the Mercado Oriental on a regular basis.  Whether we need to get a new pair of TOMS or buy a couple of buttons for my latest sewing project, this is the market that has it all.  The LA Times recently wrote an article about the market, while I don’t agree with everything that is written, it offers an interesting perspective.

2016-04-16 07.14.57

I took this picture on my way to teach class one Saturday morning.  Every day, we see horses, cows and other animals in our neighborhood and on the streets.  I know that the views of Minneapolis and its suburbs will be less exciting for Estela.

2016-03-28 16.33.23

One of our favorite places in Nicaragua is the Laguna de Apoyo.  It is about an hour from our home and always promises a relaxing and beautiful day away.  We have a good habit of going to San Simian and enjoying the day floating on inner tubes, paddling kayaks, reading and resting on the shore.

2016-04-02 11.10.36

We love hosting friends at our home.  Whether it is a Sunday morning brunch or late-night dessert and wine, we love opening our doors to conversation and friendship.

2016-04-13 20.08.37

We always make it a goal to go to cultural events in Managua.  We recently went to a ballet at the National Theater, the picture above is a youth orchestra concert that we attended.  Their last song was Viva la Vida by Coldplay!

2016-04-16 15.05.35

Because of the crazy heat, we recently booked a night at a local hotel with air-conditioning.  We did not leave our room for 24 hours.  Here Estela is “hiding” from mama and papa.

2016-04-21 16.11.59

Every Thursday afternoon, I meet with my Spanish teacher Mayela.  We have met for the past five years on a regular basis, and I continue to learn more each week.  Estela has been very flexible and has learned to take her “siesta” at the coffee shop.

DSC_0410 (11)

Back when we went to Leon for a birding weekend, we stopped in at a hand weaving cooperative and bought some beautiful Christmas presents for this next year.  Estela even got to try a hand on the loom.

DSC_0410 (12)

I never want to forget how small and precious her feet were.

2016-05-07 14.30.41

We celebrated Kevin’s 33rd birthday at the beach.  Here he is with a new favorite recipe, Peanut Butter Cookie Cupcakes.

2016-05-07 14.49.42

Camping on the beach means taking naps in the hammock.  Estela’s head is popping out just a bit!

Somoto Canyon5

We recently spent some time up north visiting our host family in Estel√≠.  Here is Mama Carmen, swimming down the Rio Coco in a skirt, first woman ever to do so as reported by the guides in the canyon!

2016-05-13 14.32.29

Our previous neighbor Lela recently had a birthday.  We celebrated together by eating fried chicken, fries and donuts.  She was pretty happy, and we were happy to be with her!

2016-05-16 12.46.58

The Masaya Volcano recently opened up after seismic activity had occurred for months.  We heard that the views of the lava were spectacular from the crater, so we headed there to check it out.  This photo does not do justice!

2016-05-30 11.23.36

Mother’s Day in Nicaragua was celebrated this past week.  Each year I have gone to the local market to buy flowers and then put together arrangements for the special women that I have gotten to know in Nicaragua.

That is a quick summary of life lately here in Nicaragua.  Thanks for reading!


r.c.f. said...

Thanks for sharing! We're praying for you guys as you await news on your departure.

Cassie and Kevin Zonnefeld said...

Thanks Ross! We are looking forward to have more news soon. We are so excited to see you this summer!

Bethany Beachum said...

Happy birthday to Kevin! Good to see what you guys have been up to - your photos make us miss it. :)