September 21, 2011



1. Kevin enjoyed the “annual” fishing trip with my dad and his high school buddies.

2. Enjoying Happy Hour with the Bethel gals.  We miss our community living.

3. Said goodbye to Mandy who is serving in India with the American India Foundation.  We have amazing friends doing great work (pictured with the adorable Target model Noah).

4. We had our last weekend at the cabin and enjoyed a ride on the rope swing.  Go Mom!

5. I have been sewing up a storm and even made my first quilt!  I have also given a few “lessons,” even though my students know more about sewing than I do.

6 & 7. Lake time with friends.  Pray for our friend Nikki’s mom who is in her last days.

8. Sonic Run!

9. Salsa making day.  We canned approximately 233 pints (I cut the onions and then sewed).

10. Visit to Des Moines to see the new and fabulous Jude Dude along with his cool parents and a few other lovely friends.

11 & 12. We babysat (and spoiled) our niece and nephew.  We love you Lo and Drew!

13. We headed out to Cali for my cousin’s wedding.  Kevin and my parents are pictured in front of the old water system.

14. Palm trees and friends.

15, 16 & 17. Jessica and Bobby Liu!  Kevin officiated his first wedding and did fabulous.  I was more nervous than him.

18. Another “goodbye” visit with my sissy and her boy.  We visited them and did a progressive dinner at the Denver Airport during our two hour layover. 

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