September 19, 2011

Peace is at the Heart

HEALING is a part of peace. When people are affected by war, crimes or family violence, the hurts and scars can shape their lives for years to come. Taking action to reconcile broken relationships helps reconnect families and communities. Even small steps towards healing and healthy relationships can become important building blocks for a peaceful future.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to his example of WORKING AND LIVING for peace. Jesus did not shy away from his enemies, but faced them in love, truth and forgiveness despite the costs. Around the world, people are courageously and lovingly resisting ways of violence.

Peace is not only resisting violence. God also calls us to work for JUSTICE AND WELL-BEING FOR ALL. We are invited to listen to and advocate for people whose voices are rarely heard. We are called to search for our role in restoring God’s kingdom on earth and to learn how our human-made structures of society, government and even sometimes religion may create barriers to peace.

Living in Christ’s way of peace means seeking to be compassionate not only in personal relationships but also in our ECONOMIC PRACTICES. Mennonites have a long history of living simply so that others may simply live. Yet it takes courage and commitment to narrow our own options and choices in a society where we are bombarded with messages to consume more, not less.

Created in the image of God, we are called to act as stewards of all God entrusted us, an especially vital role in an era of environmental degradation, climate change and a growing scarcity of natural resources. For many of our global neighbors, caring for the ENVIRONMENT is a matter of necessity. Restoring precious soil can make a difference in whether families have enough to eat. May we honor their work and strive to restore the earth God has made.

Excerpt from MCC’s PeaceParts Storybook. For Further Information, see: MCC Peaceparts Resources

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