October 15, 2011

Pizza Farm

This summer we created a bucket list of various activities that we wanted to do before we moved to Nicaragua. One of the activities on the list was going to The A to Z Pizza Farm just outside of Stockholm, Wisconsin (a trip that we ended up making three times this year). A couple of weeks ago we went down with “the newlyweds” (Cassie's brother Justin and sis-in-law Kate) for our last time for awhile. The drive was gorgeous as we headed down the St. Croix River Valley, taking in the fall colors and the picturesque bluffs. Our first stop was Stockholm itself. This quaint river town is filled with Swedish nostalgia, including blue bikes which are scattered throughout the town for anyone to ride. We rode down to the river, walked on the pier, and biked around the town before heading to a nearby cidery/winery . We had been there before and were hoping that it would have improved in quality, but again we were thoroughly disappointed.

DSCN3486DSCN3485 DSCN3490 DSCN3481

Our final destination was the farm itself. A to Z has become quite famous in this neck of the woods, offering pizza made from ingredients produced by the farm and even using agrarian byproduct's in their latrine. The pizza was great, but not as good as the company and conversation enjoyed with Justin and Kate. We played a few hands of hearts (sorry Kate) and broke open a special “Kate and Cassie” bottle of wine which was given to us by Chelsea, our great friend out west.

DSCN3501DSCN3503 DSCN3495 DSCN3498

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