October 29, 2011

Our Fabulous Family

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I feel like it has been many years since my family last took a portrait together. Since that time my sister got married and had a couple of kids, I lost about 200 pounds and met the love of my life. Generally we all look a little older and may not be all the wiser, but there is life and love and laughter and for that we are all thankful. We revel in the gift of new life as experienced in Lauren and Drew.   Sidebar: Cassie and I almost did not participate due to the ban put on Kao during the photo session.


Cassie’s family (maybe she should write this) gained a new member this year and because Kate and Justin tied the knot, the family took the opportunity to take a few pictures together. Justin and Kate were beautiful that day, even though Justin did not cut off the dreads. Other members of the family shined as well, notice Tim’s head – the hair is getting a little thin.  Lastly, you may notice that there is a young gentleman who appears near Shawna in a few pictures.  His name is Pieter and their relationship might bring about our next photo opp.


As we prepare to head to Nicaragua we are grieving the loss that will occur in our familial relationships.  We have no doubt that this sense of loss will continue while we are there.  We wouldn’t want for this to be any different.  What should we expect when we have phenomenal families, people who have been willing to journey with us throughout life’s ups and downs.  It is one of the greatest gifts of this life!

We also know that we will all continue to change in beautiful and wonderful ways.  We look forward to continually “walking life with you,” albeit differently over the next three years.  Thank-you for the love and support you have provided throughout our lives and into what God has for us next.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, our last family picture was on August 18, 2007 - which included Lauren!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie and Kevin,
BEAUTIFUL family pictures...I can't believe it looks like Suzie and I wore the SAME DRESS for our sons' weddings!!!
Best wishes on your next adventure you 2... Will be looking forward to following your thoughts and actions via this blog!
My prayers go with you...travel safely.
Evonne B.

ross charles said...

Adios, mi amigos! (Lisa's been trying to teach me Spanish.

I hope you guys had a great flight today and that Nicaragua welcomes you with loving arms.

amanda said...

You guys are the cutest! We'll miss you so much, but looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. You'll be dreaming in Spanish in no time!!